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To Imagine it is not even April the 1st. Consider the incoherent ramblings from this babbling schizophrenic on this board. If By means of a miracle had just about anything of price, he wouldn't have the capacity to Specific himself to make sure that Other folks could have an understanding of him.

Then made an effort to paint an image of being able to retire, when the reality is, you've taken everlasting "self induced" Ill leave to scrounge off welfare.

Nicely you will need to truly be at The underside from the barrel to Assume this dick-head, whos genuine intention is to select your brains will ever find a way to assist you, he can not help himself nor his wife.

An actual "smarty pie" who will't get it proper when it counts, even following getting tried as-unsuccessfully on several other instances. (On the flip side, i choose to Permit Yet another search it up within the off-chance which i skipped anything. A lot more enjoyable that way... a component of possibility, you already know.)

"Play" like you, who statements to help make 10 units anytime but just won't do it before any one right here on line?

Is the reason you sued that Medical doctor simply because you did not get a good value to your organ? You undoubtedly must have offered the two Kidney's, then you wouldn't be talking to your self at your board.

"... realized a BJ card counter, more info they instructed him "We now have got our eye on you", and proceeded to tell him just how much he was up in the last 12 months, it they were only some hundred out since the guy experienced revamped 100k profit.

Just what the fuck did you hope, a badge of honour? Regard? Some form of recognition from users, not less than ninety eight% of which Imagine you might be fucking fool.

On the "distinguished path" towards the all new Gamblers' Glen, I'd venture to incorporate, lol. But there is certainly usually that 1 at ProBoards, it's there for the actual very long haul.

In fact, i wasn't the one particular who commenced that organ-transplant thread about the Wiz's concept-board a while back. And the way is BREIFLY mentioning it The moment a dilemma in the midst of recently posting right here, or at BF's?

P.S. Someday i'll do a chunk about what i understand about welfare, and assist you to make Many of the corrections.

1 male writes that there are no strategies to this sport, but goes on to write down thast you'll find. I suppose That is what the Outdated/FLD men like johno and sillE signify via the time period "non-mechanicl system"... mix it up following Every loss.

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You apparently Possess a disaster with individuals that Perform and acquire. I do not know what It really is identified as, but you've it poor.

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